Synchronized 3D deformation and 3-axis vibration measurement…

Ensure increased security for your structures !

No other solution on the market beats the Morphosense solution to improve predictive maintenance and measure 3D deformation and 3-axis vibration !
Subscribe to access this new technology’s data, convergence, deflection, twist, bend and dynamic behavior

Switch to predictive maintenance and optimize your costs !

Avoid costly repairs and maintenance by anticipating faults and malfunctions and by detecting rare and unforeseen impacts to your installations.

Morphosenses’ unique solution allows you to detect early signs of weaknesses in your structures which enable you to set up an effective preventive maintenance strategy for many types of equipment : bridges, dams, viaducts, tunnels, historical monuments, ships, container ships.

Surveillance and maintenance of your structures. One click is all it takes to access all your data !

Real-time, effective and continuous follow-up

How does it work? Each month, or as often as you require, receive the surveillance data for your structures. With your easy-to-use and customized Morphosense application you can keep track of all your markers precisely and in real-time.

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Wait no further to increase the safety of your structures

Switch to predictive maintenance and Morphosense markers :
3D deformation and 3-axis vibration, impacts, natural frequencies, eigenmodes, threshold overpassed…

Your subscription gives access to all your infrastructure data and includes :


Definition of the network architecture necessary for your structure and for your predictive maintenance strategy

Physical system

Installation of a measurement system made up of at least 5 to 15 sensor node units. The capacity of the system can reach up to 50 200Hz nodes

Data processing

Our patented algorithms feed markers to a HMI to provide a customized dashboard for each customer.

Customized results

Detailed monthly report and dashboard updated in real-time