2019 Autumn Newsletter

2019 Autumn Newsletter

Opening words from CEO Alexandre  PALEOLOGUE


I am very proud to present this first newsletter that will allow you to follow activities of MORPHOSENSE. After our known success in the civil engineering, we now approach the offshore market for which our technology NEURON disrupt the methods of monitoring, and also allows improvement of profitability of offshore wind farms.

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MORPHOSENSE progress on H2020  Demonstrations


The first stage of demonstration sites with V2 prototype for European H2020 have been successfully installed! The second set of demonstrations with V2 produce will starts in September 2019. Find out more about demonstration user cases!

ORE Catapult X MORPHOSENSE Offshore Wind Energy


The first stage 2 H2020 demonstration project, MORPHOSENSE team up with ORE Catapult to upgrading offshore wind turbine maintenance by implementing real-time monitoring and advance data analysis.

It remark the key step of MORPHOSENSE entering offshore energy market. [Read More]

Technical news – ATEX certification


As another key step of expending to offshore energy market, MORPHOSENSE has qualified ATEX certification. Following our technology roadmap, we will target to further qualifications such as CE, ISO9001 [Read more]

International calling – Taiwan

Follow the story of MORPHOSENSE Story of entering Taiwan Civil engineering and offshore market

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