Morphosense was created in 2016.  It originates from the Systems department of CEA Leti. The technology is based on a network of high precision MEMS accelerometers with patented algorithms which estimate the 3D deformation and 3-axes vibrations of infrastructures and superstructures.


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MORPHOSENSE X New Construction Office,

Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

Shezi Bridge Project

In beginning of June, MORPHOSENSE team has completed the instrumentation of the Shezi bridge in Taipei City. Two monitoring systems composed of a total of 17 monitoring nodes with interoperable camera and weather station was deployed on the bridge deck and tower.


The Shezi bridge project is one of the demonstrate sites embedded in European Union project Horizon 2020 (H2020). As a winner of H2020, MORPHOSENSE received special funding for demonstrate its unique innovation in selected sites in the world. Collaborating with the Taipei City Government, we identified the target testing field of Shezi bridge based on the needs.


Morphosense will provide the monitoring of the fundamental civil engineering indicators of the Shezi bridge to Taipei city government. Through the development of the project, MORPHOSENSE would build a live visualization platform of the monitoring data.


During the project, MORPHOSENSE collaborated with CECI, the designer and constructor of the Shezi Bridge on the operational procedure. Also, MORPHOSENSE would collaborate with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) on the data interpretation.