At MORPHOENSE, we adapt our solution to customers’ needs.

We deliver a solution to facilitate customers’ success.


Structures and large structures that MORPHOSENSE monitors such as bridges, high-rise towers, beams, walkways, dams, penstocks need continuous or punctual monitoring depending on their condition. The NEURON system allows this monitoring to be adapted to the needs of customers. MORPHOSENSE allows to follow the natural modes, natural frequencies of each structure and raises alerts based on their behavior in order to prevent risks related to their behavior.


MORPHOSENSE controls its entire manufacturing chain, whether on the HW part or on the SW part. Our systems are assembled and calibrated in our premises by a unique calibration machine that allows us to guarantee its reliability for 15 years min.


In addition, our patented algorithms allow us a quality and a high precision in our calculations. The completeness of our NEURON system guarantees our customers the most suitable indicators for monitoring their structures.


The NEURON system is very quick and easy to deploy (less than half a day on average) and can be chosen for ad-hoc measurements campaigns on different structures of a concession or even stay permanently on a structure in poor condition for real-time monitoring in continuous mode.


The extreme robustness (IP67/IP69) of our packages allows system NEURON to be installed in harsh environments and the ATEX Z21 certification allows to be efficient on certain sites where the environment is extremely severe.


Please find below the use cases of System NEURON demonstrating the applications of such solution in Structural Health Monitoring and Maintenance.