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A structure or an infrastructure, such as a building, a tower, or a concrete beam, has a set of normal modes and its natural frequencies that depends on its shape, materials and boundary conditions.


We could observe the natural frequency and modes of a structure to study its stimulations due to the environment loads around such as wind, heavy rainfall and emergency situation of shocks. By continuously monitoring the structure’s behaviours, vibrations, natural frequencies and modes, we are able to efficiently diagnose the structure defaults before it occurs.


The gravity-related measurement provides information of the structures on the orientation, tilt and so on.


Yet, the gravity-related measurement, such as static behaviours of the structures are often separated from vibration-related dynamic behaviours in the classical structure monitoring.
The static deformation, often resulted from loads, fatigue or shocks, could bring catastrophic consequences to the structure or the infrastructure. Therefore, simultaneously monitoring static and dynamic behaviours gives a global view of the monitored structure and eliminates the potential risks of structural failure.


MORPHOSENSE solution System NEURON is able to provide continuously simultaneous structural monitoring of the static and dynamic behaviours.


By combining the 3 axes vibration and 3D deformation monitoring data, System NEURON offers a comprehensive and efficient study of the health condition of a structure. And all these valuable analyses are the source for establishing a proactive maintenance strategy so that the maintenance schedule could be designed on the basis of the health and safety assessment. An optimal maintenance policy that is proactively mitigate the risks of structure failures and minimize the maintenance costs.


Please find below user cases of System NEURON demonstrating the applications of such solution in structural health monitoring and maintenance.