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The most important civil structures include bridges, high-rise buildings, towering structures, tunnels, and historical monuments. Almost all these structures suffer from deteriotation resulting from ageing of materials, continuous use, overloading, agressive exposure conditions, lack of sufficient maintenance and difficulties encountered in proper inspection methods. To ensure their safety and durable service life, the SHM becomes more and more active and popular as it provides real-time, continuous monitoring and damage detection with minimum labour involvement.


Morphosense provides tailored monitoring solution for various types of structures. Our innovative vibration-based SHM system NEURON can continuously & simultanously monitor the static and dynamic properties of each structure. In case that internal and external damages emerge and coalesce, alerts will be triggered in order to prevent potential hazards.   


Morphosense strives to deliver the highest quality products possible in terms of hardware and software. To this end, we have developped our proper supply chain for each component of the NEURON system. All sensors are in-house assembled and calibrated by a world-wide unique calibration machine which gives a reliability guarantee for a minimum of 15 years, as to the system itself as well as the data it provides. The NEURON system doesn’t require periodic maintenance or recalibration.


Additionally, our patented algorithms ensures the level of calculation accuracy to provide high-precision indicators which are the most suitable for customized trigger events predefined in different SHM projects.


The NEURON system is very quick and easy to deploy (less than 6h on average) on critical civil infrastructures including new-built structures and repaired structures for:

– Construction site monitoring

– Post-construction continuous long-term monitoring

– Ad-hoc measurement campaigns


In addition to available robust IP65 & IP68 sensor casing for applications in harsh environment, the NEURON system is ATEX certified  for use in potentially explosive atmospheres zone 1 and 21 areas with gases or dusts.



Please click and find below some of applications of NEURON system in civil works.