At MORPHOENSE, we adapt our solution to customers’ needs. We deliver a solution to facilitate customers’ success. Here are some of the expects of what we do.


1 - Listen

Listen and understand customers' need for structural safety and health

2 - Indicators

Identify the key indicators for customers' needs. Creaking new indicators and developing A.I. for further data analysis

3 - Setup

Design and plan the system setup based on the needs and project context

4 - Fabricate

Fabricate the components and assemble the fitting solutions for customers

5 - Installations

Working with clients for project installations

Solving customer needs, accelerate customer success


Our knowhow in electronic hardware, embedded software, data-science and cloud platform allows us to bring a unique system that is the next step in the evolution of structural monitoring.


Leveraging on our quality hardware sensor, system NEURON, we capture the high accuracy measurement data. Once the system NEURON has been deployed, it start the continuously real-time data acquisition. Depends on the system setup, the data will be saved and analysis, feedback to customer in the most convenient way.


With our full system setup, we transfer the data to meaningful indicators to decision-making information.

We have different channels to communicate information to customers based on their requirements and needs.


SMS text message, email when an abnormity occurs is detected, such as measurement above pre-defined threshold.

Periodic report

Regular report with deep-dive into the measurement data and identify key incidents or behavior trend.

data pool

Full measurement data for customer to do specific studies. It is more suitable for customers who has rich technical background and knowledge of the structure


Customized web-based dashboard provides real-time measurement data, brings real-time key indicators to your finger tip