Customer focused
approach :

We provide what you need in Structural Health Monitoring !

At MORPHOSENSE, we adapt our solution to the needs of our customers. We provide a solution to facilitate customer success. 


1. Concept & Design

An expert team attentive to your needs

2. Selection of Indicators

Dedicated indicators for your structure

3. System Configuration

A system adapted to your project and its context

4. NEURON Installation

Operational training for rapid plug & play deployment

Meeting customer needs, accelerating their success


Via the NEURON gateway, all measurement data are continuously transferred in real time for cloud computing to deliver valuable information in the most convenient way, several options are available: 4G, ethernet, SCADA interface.


Once the NEURON system is implemented on the structure, our sophisticated algorithms transform automatically the collected raw data into meaningful indicators as support for operation and maintenance decision making. On the dedicated customer dashboard, these meaningful indicators are provided in comprehensible formats to satisfy customer requirements.


You will be informed by SMS and/or email at the occurrence of any structural anomaly when the set threshold is exceeded.

Periodic report

You have access to review regularly all historical monitored data. As you require, we can submit daily monitoring report, early warning report, storing report etc.

Full data pool

Intact sensor data are at your disposal to carry out specific studies such as structural integrity assessment, fatigue evaluation, development of digital twin etc.


Comprehensible threshold exceeded indicators are displayed on the customized web-based interface for each structure monitored by NEURON.


Transform your business to industry 4.0 that enables faster, more flexible, and more efficient process for higher-quality production at reduced cost.