Easytech program: News from MORPHOSENSE

Easytech program: News from MORPHOSENSE

Minalogic program Easytech did a coverage of MORPHOSENSE Inovative solution.

The technology proposed by Morphosense makes it possible to implement a remote, continuous and real-time monitoring of the health of critical infrastructures (bridges, tunnels, dams, historic buildings, etc.) by exploiting the very high precision measurement of 3D deformed and vibration.

Morphosense technology is based on the use of a high performance MEMS network. Patented and disruptive, it brings a truly useful and relevant information to the managers of the works.

Today, Morphosense offers a unique solution that allows for a complete diagnosis, an effective and objective risk management, an increased security of infrastructures and people while optimizing expenses.

Watch the video to find out more about MORPHOSENES solution and the team!

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