Maximize the yield of your wind farms offshore

Optimization of operation and maintenance costs of offshore wind farms

Maintain your hydraulic structures in operational conditions 

Permanent static and vibratory monitoring in complex environments

Extend the lifespan of your engineering structures in complete safety 

Predictive maintenance and risk management through real-time measurement

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To meet the challenges of the energy transition and the reduction of the carbon footprint (CO2), MORPHOSENSE offers a disruptive Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) / Structural Integrity Management (SIM) solution addressing Wind Turbines & Offshore Platforms, Hydraulic Structures and Civil Engineering & Nuclear Infrastructures.

With its NEURON® Monitoring solution and its AXON® Fatigue Measurement solution (used separately or coupled), MORPHOSENSE meets your objectives of reducing OPEX costs, securing life extension and optimizing the operational performance of your assets.

MORPHOSENSE solutions support you in your strategic decisions.

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