Two products and one solution for different markets.

Monitoring the behavior and health of your structures has been our core business for many years. Our expertise allows us today to offer you monitoring and fatigue estimation solutions to be implemented in different markets such as civil engineering, hydraulics or for offshore structures.

Our offers

Depending on the markets and the objectives of our customers, we propose two types of business models


MORPHOSENSE takes care of the procurement, installation and implementation, data acquisition and interpretation of measurements on behalf of our customer. We provide all the data and deliver the analysis reports.


We sell the instrumentation system and/or the digital twin adapted to your structure. We accompany and train you to make you completely autonomous in the use of our system.

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering market is our historical market. We have monitored many structures such as bridges, high towers, or specific industrial buildings in France or abroad (North America, Asia).


The hydraulic market is very well represented in France and in Europe and presents a very large number of old structures whose operators must guarantee their maintenance in operational condition. We have instrumented and created digital twins of several locks or dam gates on the Rhone, as well as monitoring structures such as penstocks.


The Offshore market is a fast-growing market with, in particular, the development of offshore wind turbines, whether installed or floating. We have instrumented and created the digital twins of wind turbines, floating wind turbines and cruise ships


With the same monitoring system and the same algorithms, MORPHOSENSE is able to address multiple markets. Today we provide added value to our customers in the civil engineering, hydraulic and offshore markets.