Civil engineering

Customer needs and issues

Civil engineering structures are indispensable elements of our daily life. Despite the quality of their design and construction, these infrastructures are aging and require appropriate monitoring and maintenance to avoid ruin and human and economic disasters.

The MORPHOSENSE solution

In order to answer the needs of monitoring of your works we propose you:

  • Monitoring of the deformations and movements of your structures
  • Vibratory and seismic monitoring associated with an operational modal analysis (OMA) and the monitoring of emerging frequencies
  • Detection and classification solutions for characteristic events (e.g. pedestrian, vehicle and speed detection) and generation of SMS or e-mail alarms on threshold
  • Predictive models of the behavior of your structures
  • Real-time, 24/7 data availability with a simple, readable and secure interface.

Our applications

Structural monitoring of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris during high wind events during the work on the top floor, with the objective of recalibrating the numerical model and generating alerts according to the ISO 10137:2008 standard

Monitoring of the Saint Laurent footbridge before and after renovation works in order to set up a predictive model of deformation according to the environment (weather) and the number of users.

Monitoring of the EDF Vercors model in order to compare the MORPHOSENSE technology to EDF technologies and to validate the performance of our systems.