Customer needs and issues

France in particular and all the countries around the Alps have developed for more than a century an important hydraulic industry allowing to store and generate electricity. In the context of strong tensions on energy availability, operators must do everything possible to guarantee the maintenance in operational condition of their facilities and electricity production.

The MORPHOSENSE solution

In order to answer the needs of monitoring of your works we propose you:

  • Monitoring of the deformations of your structures,
  • Vibratory and seismic monitoring associated with an operational modal analysis (OMA) and the monitoring of emerging frequencies to characterize the operation and health of your structures,
  • Solutions for the detection and classification of characteristic events correlated with the operation, water levels and flows, etc.
  • Generation of SMS or e-mail alarms on threshold,
  • A fatigue and residual life study of your structures in order to prepare the best maintenance plans,
  • Real-time, 24/7 data availability with a simple, readable and secure interface.

Our applications

Monitoring and estimation of the fatigue and residual life of the Bollène lock gate on the Rhone River in order to monitor the health of the gate and to prepare the bi-annual inspections on the Rhone lock gates.

Monitoring of the Caderousse dam gate in order to characterize the impact of a new operating mode on the behavior of the structure, linked to the respect of new environmental constraints on the level of the Rhône.

Monitoring of the behaviour of a penstock during successive water releases after works.