Customer needs and issues

The Offshore market requires a lot of instrumentation and monitoring of the health of structures for several reasons:

  • Extending the life of aging oil platforms,
  • Monitoring the impact of new types of propulsion (e.g., velocity) on boats,
  • The very high deployment of offshore and floating wind turbines in particular, whose operations and maintenance (O&M) are increasingly expensive (distance, complexity, etc.)

The MORPHOSENSE solution

In order to answer the needs of monitoring of your works we propose you:

  • Monitoring of the deformations and movements of your structures,
  • Vibratory and seismic monitoring associated with an operational modal analysis and the monitoring of emerging frequencies to characterize the operation and health of your structures,
  • Detection and classification solutions for characteristic events such as sea state, landing, weaknesses in anchors, …
  • SMS or e-mail alarm generation on threshold
  • Predictive models of the behavior of your structures,
  • A fatigue and residual life study of your structures in order to best prepare maintenance plans and minimize inspections,
  • Real-time, 24/7 data availability with a simple, readable and secure interface.

Our applications

Monitoring of the RENTEL wind farm electrical substation monopile to validate the numerical model and simulations of the structure’s lifetime.

Monitoring and estimation of the fatigue and residual life of the wind turbine installed on a CATAPULT jacket structure in Scotland.

Monitoring of the deformation (deflection and torsion) of a ship of the Atlantic Shipyard during its launching, with the objective of calibrating and validating the numerical model.