Application cases

Caderousse valve

Application cases


Monitoring of the dynamic (deformation and vibration) and static (deformation) behavior of a run-of-river dam gate on the Rhone River following the appearance of cracks and the modification of the vibratory behavior.

Solution implemented:

Deployment of 12 IP68 watertight measurement nodes, welded to the valve and protected by metal covers in order to be robust to the difficult and complex environment (strong eddies and presence of mud and objects such as tree trunks).

The data was processed through the use of our tools:

  1. Operational modal analysis (OMA), emergent frequency tracking and dynamic deformation reconstruction correlated with the valve opening position
  2. Reconstruction of the static deformation of the valve due to the pressure of the water column


  1. Real time structural monitoring (static and dynamic) correlated with water levels and gate position
  2. Model-measurement comparison
  3. Calibration of the numerical model