Application cases

Rentel Monopile

Application cases


Monitoring of the dynamic (deformation and vibration) and static (deformation) behavior of an electric substation monopile in correlation with sea and wind conditions.

Solution implemented:

Deployment of 8 IP68 waterproof measurement nodes, magnetically fixed in the transition room.

The data was processed through the use of our tools:

  1. Operational modal analysis (OMA), emergent frequency tracking and dynamic deformation reconstruction
  2. Correlation with wind and sea states,
  3. Reconstruction of the static deformation of the monopile,
  4. A.I. tools for the classification of specific events


  1. Real time structural monitoring (static and dynamic) correlated with sea and wind conditions
  2. Calibration of the numerical model
  3. Classification of specific events on vibratory signatures (mooring, particular sea state, …)