Two products and one solution for different markets.

The NEURON® hardware product: an unparalleled real-time continuous monitoring solution based on a network of very high performance MEMS sensors.

The AXON ® software product for measuring fatigue: integrating a Digital Twin and all the A.I. tools for processing data from the NEURON® monitoring system but also from all the other existing sensors: weather station, strain gauges, fissurometers, extensometers, lidar, radar, etc

An IT architecture based on a cloud platform allows asset management, data exploitation and access to a visualization interface and dashboards, adaptable to non-specialists as well as experts.

This platform can be coupled with NEURON® and/or AXON® products, independently.

Products & Markets

Offshore market

The NEURON® monitoring solution coupled with the AXON® solution makes it possible to define a very high performance digital twin allowing real-time and continuous estimation of fatigue, damage and residual life of instrumented structures.

Hydraulic market

The NEURON® solution offers strategic monitoring for the Maintenance in Operational Conditions (MCO) of strategic assets in energy management and in the digital transition. The digital twin is also accessible

These applications contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint and optimizing the management of critical assets.

Civil Engineering and Nuclear Market

The NEURON® solution offers advanced SHM / SIM type monitoring in real time, remotely and continuously on complex and critical structures. This monitoring allows to anticipate failures, manage risks and optimize inspection costs.

Dashboard allowing (i) the remote parameterization of the system,
(ii) the supervision of the instrumented assets,
(iii) the secure access to the data and indicators for each structure as well as the downloading

Our offers

Focused on innovation and high-end service, MORPHOSENSE is based on two offers that can be coupled or used independently, depending on technical needs and objectives.

  • The Monitoring offer based on the NEURON® solution
  • The fatigue estimation offer, based on the digital twin: AXON®.


The NEURON® system allows a global monitoring of the static and dynamic behavior of instrumented structures. All monitoring data is synchronized and visualized in real time on a dedicated and secure user interface. On the basis of the detected abnormal structural evolutions, the operator will have all the necessary elements to take a strategic operational decision: shutdown, intervention, inspection…

Noeuds interop

Fatigue - Residual life / Digital-Twin

The AXON® system allows the estimation of structural fatigue, damage and residual life. Thanks to an IT platform integrating a digital twin and fatigue toolboxes (according to EUROCODES standards, FKM guidelines, DNV recommendations), access to fatigue and residual life of structures is continuous and in real time.

The AXON® solution can be coupled with the NEURON® measurement solution from MORPHOSENSE. It can also be used independently with existing customer sensors. Predictive maintenance becomes accessible for all assets, from the simplest to the most complex.



MORPHOSENSE’s NEURON® and AXON® technological offers are adaptable to all current and future structural problems.

MORPHOSENSE guarantees the life and longevity of your structures thanks to patented and advanced technologies.

Our NEURON® and AXON® products are industrialized and extremely robust, whatever the environment and the complexity of your structure.