Structural Integrity Management

The NEURON® hardware product is an unparalleled real-time continuous monitoring solution based on a network of high-performance MEMS sensors. Associated with NEURON®, MORPHOSENSE offers a toolbox to process monitoring data and to provide high level, complete and efficient indicators.

The management of assets, the exploitation of monitoring data and access to a visualization interface and dashboards offering a summary of monitoring indicators is done via a secure connection to an IT architecture based on a cloud platform.

Your needs / issues

Get more value out of the operational life of your assets

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Objectification of inspections, based on measured risk management
  • Securing the life extension of assets

Maintain your assets in operational conditions

  • Have accurate, relevant and strategic information at the right time
  • Have all the data of your asset and environment

Our offers

Focused on innovation and high-end service, MORPHOSENSE proposes two offers that can be coupled or used independently, depending on technical needs and objectives. The Monitoring offer based on the NEURON® solution and the fatigue estimation offer, based on the digital twin: AXON®.

Measurement Node

The measurement node of the NEURON® network is based on a very high performance 3-axis MEMS accelerometer (inclinometer and vibration), a 3-axis gyrometer, a 3-axis magnetometer and a temperature measurement.

Performance in inclinometry or static deformation reconstruction:

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.01 mm/m
  • Dimension of the instrumented structures: from a few meters to more than one kilometer
  • Unique calibration performed at Morphosense

Performance in vibration measurements:

  • Programmable bandwidth from [0-20Hz] to [0-500Hz]
  • Accuracy of 7µg/Hz.
  • Up to 30 integrated measurement nodes on the same sensor network
  • Up to 1.5km in length for a single sensor network

Weatherproof and waterproof. Dedicated to monitoring applications in classical environments.

Weatherproof and waterproof. Dedicated to monitoring applications in classical environments.

Certified for depths of up to 100m in seawater, the IP68 version makes applications in underwater environments possible.

ATEX Z1 and Z21 certified for applications in explosive or extremely dusty environments, the ATEX version allows deployment in the most severe environments.

Interoperable node

To connect existing sensors (other than those of the NEURON ® system) to the acquisition system, MORPHOSENSE offers 3 types of interoperable nodes:

  • specific for strain gauge,
  • for sensors with analog output
  • for digital output sensor.

These interoperable nodes allow the interconnection and integration into the NEURON® network of all types of existing sensors depending on the monitoring applications targeted: fissurometer, inertial unit, weather station, water level radar, video camera….

Interoperable nodes are available in IP65 packaging only.


The gateway is the interface between the NEURON® System and the outside world. It records data from the nodes, compresses it and sends it over 4G or Ethernet to a cloud server. In case of inaccessibility to the internet, it can be used in local mode and transfer the data by USB to store them on an external hard drive. It also serves as a configuration interface for the user and allows the NEUON® system to be set up via its Wi-Fi link. The gateway has a Sigfox communication allowing to send back statuses and system alerts.

Data processing Monitoring

MORPHOSENSE has developed a Monitoring Toolbox integrating specific and patented algorithms as well as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools to allow its customers to perform accurate, continuous and stable analyses.

The interoperability function of MORPHOSENSE allows the integration of data from all existing sensors on the structure. This data is processed in the same way as the native NEURON® data and is used to enrich A.I. analyses, for example.

The outputs of the Toolbox Monitoring allow our customers to have high level indicators on the static axis (global 3D deformation, deflection, torsion), on the dynamic axis (vibration shocks, frequency analysis, OMA modal and dynamic deformation) and also on the statistical analysis resulting from A.I. – Data-Driven processing (detections and classifications of characteristic events correlated to the environment)


The IT architecture is based on a cloud platform allowing asset management, remote modification of parameters and display of data and indicators from the monitoring. The exploitation and display of data and information is done through access to a visualization interface and dashboards, adaptable to non-specialists as well as experts.

This platform is fully compatible and adapted to Morphosense’s NEURON™ Monitoring product. Fatigue, residual life and damage information is displayed and updated on the customer interface.

Our applications

Offshore market


The NEURON® monitoring solution coupled with the AXON® solution offers a digital twin allowing real-time and continuous estimation of fatigue, damage and residual life of instrumented structures. The AXON® Digital Twinning solution can also be based on data other than those from the NEURON® monitoring system.

Hydraulic market


The AXON® solution provides access to fatigue and residual life information of assets including specific structural components (hotspots). The Digital Twin provides access to strategic information for optimized asset management.

Civil Engineering and Nuclear Market


AXON® solution provides access to predictive maintenance and informed and secure risk management for critical structures


The NEURON® Monitoring product offered by MORPHOSENSE is adaptable to all current and future structural problems whatever their size, age or nature of materials.

The NEURON® monitoring product is robust, easy to deploy, with unmatched accuracy regardless of the environment and complexity of your structure.

The Toolbox Monitoring allows the calculation of static, dynamic and environmental structural indicators which are then displayed in time on a dashboard accessible via a secure IT platform, providing all associated analysis tools.

The NEURON® MORPHOSENSE solution contributes to the reduction of the CO2 footprint and to the optimization of the management of critical assets.

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