Who are we?

Our history

MORPHOSENSE is a CEA spin-off created in 2016.

Based on a patented technology, Morphosense develops and produces a fully industrialized French solution, allowing the implementation of an advanced monitoring and measurement of structural fatigue without equivalent.

The team is made up of experts in all fields related to the technologies used: mechanical and electronic design, embedded electronics, web architecture, advanced signal processing, algorithms and artificial intelligence, modeling and design of digital twins.

Morphosense is recognized as a “Deep-Tech” start-up by BPI France.

Morphosense is ISO 9001 certified since 2020.

Our vision

Morphosense offers a new disruptive vision of structural fatigue monitoring and measurement.

Based on an easily deployable, robust, industrial sensor network offering unparalleled accuracy and a complete, real-time digital twin, Morphosense provides its customers with reliable data and relevant indicators for strategic technical and financial decisions.

Our mission

In the context of the challenges of energy and digital transition, MORPHOSENSE offers a disruptive SHM solution with two products:

  • NEURON® for advanced dynamic and static monitoring and processing of environmental data.
  • AXON® for measuring structural fatigue, residual life and damage.

Using NEURON® and AXON® solutions, Morphosense enables its customers to :

  • Guarantee the continuity and operational efficiency of the structures
  • Reduce the costs of operations and maintenance of critical structures while controlling risks
  • Validate the life extension and safety of aging structures or those at the end of their operational life

The team


CEO and founder