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Each offshore structure is currently partially monitored, so it is difficult to really know their state of health. The NEURON system is deployed over the whole structure from its foundation to its turbine allowing a global vision (turbine, pale, tower, foundation), in real and continuous time. This unique monitoring allows to know the weaknesses of the structure if it exists and to push the yield of this one if it is in good health.


The digital Twin (or numerical avatar) is the virtual image of a specific product that represents its physical equivalent behaviour. This simulation model is therefore linked individually to its product; it is supplied with data obtained in real time by sensors placed on this product. Thus, the simulation model reflects the actual physical state of the installation, allowing interpretation of information and precision of the evolution of the system, which the sensors alone do not allow to anticipate. This new insight into reality provides a more precise overview of the state of a system, which is a considerable advantage in predicting its service life,  maintenance needs, fatigue assessment and life extension. 


Monitoring one to two wind turbines per cluster with the NEURON system and the digital twin solution is sufficient to represent the entirety of an offshore field and being able to anticipate any maintenance precisely in a precise manner and thus reduce the number of associated inspection campaigns…

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Please find below user cases: how System NEURON has helped to boost rentability of energy infrastructures.