At MORPHOENSE, we adapt our solution to customers’ needs. We deliver a solution to facilitate customers’ success. 


The large-scale infrastructures associated with energy generation addresses the challenges of reliability, safety and profitability.


Yet, given the nature of energy industry, these structures are often exposed under extreme environment and located at remote place with limited physical access. To safeguard the assets security as well as their productivity, the operation and maintenance team needed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency: switch the schedule-planned maintenance to proactive and predictive maintenance strategy. MORPHOSENSE solution, System NEURON is a key element to initiate knowledge-based maintenance.


System NEURON provides continuously real-time conditional monitoring covering the entire energy structure, delivering relevant indicators and actional information regarding the structural integrity in its environmental context.

Moreover, system NEURON promotes interoperability. Based on customers’ needs,
off-shelf sensors can be integrated to System NEURON sensor network; centralizing all the measurements in synchronization and coherence. With one simple unified sensor network, we offer a comprehensive data pool, providing all the possibilities to build all-around maintenance strategies and optimize the infrastructure performance.

Applying System NEURON in offshore wind structure as key data input for operational models such as digital twin, demonstrates how a proactive maintenance strategy is improving infrastructure’s reliability, uptime and efficiency.


The System NEURON offers great flexibility that its functionality will not be compromised by the size, distance or architecture shapes of structures.


A special packaging of the System NEURON measurement node has been designed and used for harsh environment. As a minimally destructive monitoring solution, the system installation and withdraw process can be smoothly achieved without damaging the structure, even along its operational period. Once the system is deployed on the structure, the configuration and update are performed over the air. System NEURON brings maximal monitoring indicators to the operation and maintenance managers’ hands, offer great insights for remote diagnostic, intelligent maintenance decisions.


Please find below user cases: how System NEURON has helped to boost rentability of energy infrastructures.