Integrated Digital Twin based on NEURON system

Integrated Digital Twin based on NEURON system

CNR develops in partnership with MORPHOSENSE, a Digital Twin demonstrator of several hydromechanical structures over the river Rhône.

In the frame of its innovation strategy with regard to predictive maintenance of water navigation works, CNR entrusts MORPHOSENSE with the development and implementation of Digital Twins of 3 lock gates over the river Rhône.


After 2 years of R&D collaboration between CNR and Morphosense in the maintenance of lock structures, the final stage has been completed with Digital Twin. This stage now gives CNR an important advantage for the future in the monitoring of lock-opening components of their historical navigational infrastructures over the Rhône.

CNR and MORPHOSENSE have already achieved a world first in the identification and monitoring of “structural condition” indicators of lock gates via the NEURON system of MORPHOSENSE. This innovation was presented at the 2019 International Smart Rivers congress.

By the end of 2019, MORPHOSENSE completed its monitoring solution based on the NEURON system designed for collecting static (geometric 3D deformation) and dynamic data (accelerations, shocks, frequencies and eigenmodes) with its new Digital Twin offer which is built on a Data fusion from NEURON system with 3D structural model. The synchronization of static and dynamic data originating from the NEURON system, the high accuracy, completeness and stability of the data associated with the “interoperability” function allowing the integration of data from off-the-shelf sensors (weather stations, strain gauges, crack meters, lidars, cameras, etc.), lead to the creation of a real-time “Digital Twin” providing the assessment of the fatigue and residual service life of structures instrumented with the NEURON system.

This innovative offer « Digital Twins » in real time based on the NEURON system is applicable to all large-scale structures both in the field of civil engineering (dams, penstocks and auxiliary structures of hydraulic engineering infrastructures, lock gates, bridges, tunnels, tunnel boring machines, high-rise towers) and in the offshore sector (wind, O&G).


Contact presse :

Cynthia Flotte

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