Detect adverse
structural changes
in time

Monitor and evaluate the structural health under daily service condition

Morphosense’s Insights of 

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Traditional monitoring systems based on sensors wired to a central unit for collection and analog-to-digital conversion of the data are difficult to apply to large structures. In particular, management and the maintenance of these systems limit applications under different circumstance. Also, the utilization of off-the-shelf sensors provides discrete point measurements only, thus providing partial information and limiting structural diagnosis capabilities. Thus, an integrated system developed by Morphosense could be used to monitor changes in the vibration signature before and after a seismic event for example to quickly assess structural condition.


Our technology called NEURON is based on the continuous measurement of the Earth’s gravity in 3 axes from a network of advanced accelerometers.Using the state-of-the-art algorithms protected by CEA (French research institute) and Morphosense patents, we process the highly reliable measurement data to deliver real-time & synchronous indicators relevant to both static and dynamic behaviors of monitored structures, including but not limited to 3D deformation, shock, vibration, natural frequencies, modes and dynamic deformation information.

Furthermore, other off-the-shelf sensors can be easily wired- through the called “interoperability”- into the NEURON sensor network to optimize the data collection (structural & environmental). The measurements from strain gauges, crack meters, corrosion sensors, weather stations, wave radars etc, are automatically synchronized and correlated with the NEURON sensor data without supplementary computing effort. The relevant indicators can be established to meet the SHM requirements in different sectors such as civil engineering and energy.


The embedded intelligent alarm algorithms enable early structural damage detection and help asset owners to improve the risk management and decision-making process. Moreover, the high accuracy and reliability measurements provided by our proprietary sensors are valuable for both further structural integrity assessment as well as the development of digital twin of different type of structures.



To improve the current monitoring results, Morphosense originates the innovative monitoring system NEURON: Real-time, continuous, synchronized 3D deformation & 3-axis vibration monitoring

Structural Behavior Monitoring

We provide all-around static and dynamic behavior monitoring of structures. All the monitoring data is synchronized and visualized in real time. Based on detected structural changes, operation & maintenance decision can be made in a timely manner to avoid major structural failure and expensive repairs or retrofits.

Multiple Integrated Monitoring

For different structures, a variety of sensors are required in a full-scale monitoring plan. The integration and synchronization of different sensor data are always expected to be as simple as possible. Morphosense’s sensing technology is well positioned to meet adequately this need with the original “interoperability”. Therefore, both structural and environmental data can be correlated for further analysis.

Smart Data Analysis

The artificial intelligence is the core of our R&D. By applying the state-of-the-art statistical algorithms, operational modal analysis and machine learning, we are able to deliver reliable structural health information and help identify the root cause of the structural health degradation. Since, preventive maintenance can be set up with the high-performance data support of Morphosense.

Morphosense system NEURON helps you set up an effective preventive maintenance strategy for many types of structures, including but not limit to bridges, dams, viaducts, tunnels, historical monuments, ships, container ships, wind turbines, oil & gaz platforms.