MORPHOSENSE partnership with Cerema

MORPHOSENSE partnership with Cerema

Morphosense and Cerema sign a major partnership for predictive maintenance in the wind and civil engineering markets.

The partnership will file a dossier as part of the LabCom call for proposals from the National Research Agency to create a joint laboratory. This laboratory will pool equipment, hardware and software, as well as data and know-how to develop tools for predictive infrastructure maintenance.


With joint R&D strength, the partnership will develop the next generation of multiple global structure monitoring solution. By validating the performance of the structure monitoring system based on a MEMS sensor network of MORPHOSENSE and further, develop the interoperability to exdent the value-add for customer.


Cerema and Morphosense will jointly respond to tenders for research, especially high-rise buildings and other buildings with innovative and complex architectures and energy related infrastructure, such as wind turbines.


Please find out more detail about Morphosense and Cerema partnership:

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