The proprietary NEURON sensor network features high flexibility, which is dedicated to optimizing the sensor deployment strategy on a variety of structures regardless the size, shape and material.  


Less time and costs are needed not only for the sensor deployment and installation, but also for the system maintenance. The robust sensor casing IP 65/68 requires minimal care even in hazardous environment, the over-the-air updates are remotely performed for the underlying software.

Data synchronization becomes effortless with Morphosense’s solution.

Once other off-the-shelf sensors are wired to the NEURON sensor work,

all sensor data are simultaneously merged into one single data flux.

These correlated data and corresponding indicators

are subject to specific analysis according to the need.

Morphosense’s original solution helps you detect early signs of weakness inside the structures and set up effective preventive & predictive maintenance strategies – for civil engineering structures (bridges, dams, viaducts, tunnels, high rises) and energy infrastructures (onshore & offshore wind turbines, oil & gaz platforms)