The System Neuron

A System Neuron is composed with measurement nodes, a master node and an optional gateway. Each element will be connected by the special designed the cable system (from 0.5m to 50m). All the units of measurement nodes, master nodes and gateways were designed and manufactured in France. And the all serious of system NEURON units were designed to quickly building up a sensor network.



The nature of the sensor network enables System NEURON to be swiftly deployed on any structure material suffices and following however structure shapes.


The simple deployment not only saving the installation time and cost but also benefits the System NEURO’s maintenance in rare occasion of hardware failures. Once the System NEURON is deployed to the structure, all the software maintenance conducted remotely, over the air.


To provide comprehensive analysis for a structure and reach the goal of predictive maintenance, System NEURON also features interoperability.


Based on customers’ need, System Neuron is able to incorporate different types of sensors and synchronized different measurement data. By doing that, the cooperated system could offer a wider monitoring of the structures and their context. Also, by correlating and cross-referencing different types of monitoring data, it brings significant value to understanding structure behaviors in different conditions and facilitates making maintenance decisions.

Morphosense’s unique solution allows you to detect early signs of weaknesses in your structures which enable you to set up an effective preventive maintenance strategy – for any civil engineering structure (bridges, dams, viaducts, tunnels) or superstructure (historical monuments, ships, container ships)