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Transportation infrastructures such as bridges, tunnels or overpasses are the most common structures embedded in people’s life. Reliable and robust infrastructures are essential for people’s life and economic developments.


However, despite normal aging evolution, those structures are mostly exposed to environment and traffic loads, it is inevitable that they have health condition issues. Hence, those infrastructures, over the time generate various risks of structure failures. Potentially, a small structural health problem without being properly attended can result a severe and expensive disaster.


MORPHOSENSE structural health monitoring solution reduces the risk of catastrophes due to structural failures.


By continuously monitoring a structure, MORPHOSENSE assess the health condition of the infrastructure in continuous and real-time. Thus, any subtle change of the structure’s conditions or behaviours due to fatigue, external surroundings or traffic incidents would be detected and noticed. Further analysis of such abnormity will be carried out.
System NEURON anticipates the detection of subtle problems to manage the risk and furthermore, providing asset managers with relevant and actionable maintenance insight.
Safeguarding the transportation infrastructure health, System NEURON reduces the possibilities of structural failures causing detrimental impact on public transport operations, public safety and consequently extra public funding.



MORPHOSENSE is the partner to ensure all the Transportation assets in good health at all times


During the designed lifespan of the transportation infrastructures, there are different incidences of natural disaster, such as earthquake, traffic crash, harsh weather or renovation projects.
By deploying system NEURON for long term monitoring, MORPHOSENSE offers the performance of the transportation infrastructures during their designed lifespan and go beyond. The structure maintenance strategy should consider both efficiency and effectiveness, spending the maintenance budgets and effort across the infrastructures’ entire lifecycle from construction to rehabilitation.


Please find below user cases : how System NEURON has helped to manage and reduce risks in transportation infrastructures.

Particularly, the SMART CITY project of Shezi Bridge in collaboration with Taipei city government: MORPHOSENSE goes a step further to demonstrate system interoperability and advanced A.I. solution in predictive maintenance.